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  • ice

    Report highlights our ice crisis

    Concerning new figures show the extent of the use of the drug ice in the Geelong region. A report has studied waste water at treatment plants around…
  • Uber

    Germany bans Uber

    Web-based car pick-up service Uber has been banned in Germany, just days after it opened for business in Geelong. A German court has ruled the…
  • Fire CFA generic night

    Teens sought over factory blaze

    Police investigating a factory fire at Bell Park are searching for three teenagers reportedly seen in the area. A blaze at the old factory in Tobab…

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  • MTEWayneBakerTBJr1-9-14

    Meet The Expert – Q&A With Wayne Baker – Ray White

    Wayne Baker from Ray White shares his expert tips in our real estate Q&A. Number 1 real estate tip for renting a property? It’s all about presentation and cleanliness; first impressions are a number one factor. How do you win over a potential client? Making…
  • The Importance Of Practicing Good Pet Dental Health

    Looking after our furry friends’ teeth needs to be highlighted as poor dental health can lead to more serious illness in cats and dogs which affects the kidneys, liver and heart. Dogs are unlikely to show pain until a problem is severe. As a pack animal that…
  • Reasons Why We Shouldn't Overfeed Our Pets

    Pet obesity shortens lives. In Australia, obese dogs number close to 60 percent and cats 40 percent. Think about the consequences of added weight strain upon a pet’s limbs and joints (osteoarthritis), strain on the liver and cardiovascular system, plus the…

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